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This might have happened to many people out there – as in when you try to send files by email, some files cannot be sent as they are large in size. So, before we check out as to how to compress the PDF file, let us understand the meaning of compression.

PDF Compressor Benefits

One can upload, download the compressed documents both quickly and easily. It reduces storage as well as transmission. This tools produces files that look best even if the file size is small.

What is File Compression?

Compression is basically a term which is used to denote a process that makes the file smaller thereby helping you send files at a faster pace.

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Few Things to Know About Compressing PDF Files

  • Online PDF Compressor will automatically compress PDF files to smaller sizes.
  • Although there are multiple ways through which the PDF file is reduced but the mostly used one is to resample or resize the images present in the PDF document.
  • With the Online PDF Compressor, an individual is allowed to choose the image quality that will in turn balance not only the file size but also the quality of the PDF document.
  • In addition to this, one can either enable or disable the options.
  • This PDF size reducer is a free to use tool.

How Does the PDF Online Compressor Works?

There are some aspects that people have to keep it in mind such as –

  • Firstly, this PDF Compressor works not only in Windows but also the Mac systems.
  • Secondly, the fact which is more interesting is that – to reduce the PDF file size, an individual does not have to install any software because the tool is available for use ‘online’.

Steps to Compress or Shrink the PDF File Online

  • First upload the file on this site
  • Wait for the file to be compressed
  • Lastly you can download once the PDF size reducer completes its work to shrink the PDF file © 2016
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