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Most of us are always on the look – out of a tool that will help you to change the images or make those average looking pics more wonderful.

All this can be achieved by a simple photo editing tool that is available online at Softwaretoolsin.com.

What is a Photo Editor?

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Basically a picture editor or a photo editor is a tool that helps one to edit the pictures and make the dream come true, like the way they wish to see the pictures.

What is the Use of the Softwaretoolsin Photo Editing Tool?

With a photo editing tool, one will be able to create professional images with easy to use tools. And with softwaretoolsin.com photo editing tool by your side, you are definitely on your way to discover the creativity in you.

Features of Image or the Photo Editor

Come and create some stunning features with the softwaretoolsin Photo Editor as here one is free to come up with some stunning, awesome and mind blowing pics that will beyond doubt make every one think of the great artist that you are. Read on to know as to what are the features that www.softwaretoolsin.com Image Editor boasts of.

  1. One can create a new image
  2. Pick your image and go ahead with editing
  3. Create layers
  4. Go for the colour balance if required
  5. Numerous filters to choose from
  6. Other features included here are
  7. Resize
  8. Crop tool
  • Move tool
  1. Marquee tool
  2. Brush and pencil tool
  3. Paint
  • Lasso tool
  • Bloat or pinch tool
  1. Smudge, blur tool
  2. Text box
  3. Red eye reduction tool
  • Colour replace tool and many more

What are the Steps to Edit a Photo Online

One can follow the steps given below and edit pictures for free online –

  1. Click on the upload button
  2. Then select the file which you wish to upload
  3. Wait for the file to be uploaded
  4. After the file is uploaded click on edit
  5. After this you are all set to edit the picture the way you like
  6. Finally save the images by clicking on File -> Save As -> Your Image Name

So people be all set to not only edit images but also you can Edit videos with the softwaretoolsin.com Photo Editing Tool. In addition to this, you may also Create Logos.

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